Healthy Snack Ideas

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Our favourite ideas for tasty, healthy treats that aren't boring and tasteless

We’re all trying to be a bit healthier and that doesn’t mean we should miss out on delicious snacks. Snacks can be made healthier withour compromising on taste and these are our top picks to keep you on track.

Greek yogurt and berries

This is such a simple but delicious snack. The greek yogurt is a great source of protein and the berries are a great source of fibre and antioxidants. Mix up the berries for the greatest range of benefits and swap out the greek yogurt for a dairy free alternative if necessary.

Peanut Butter and Apple Slices

There’s a reason this is so popular, peanut butter seems like an unhealthy treat but is great in moderation along with deliciously crisp apple slices. This snack is sure to become one of your healthy favourites.

Carrot Sticks and Hummus

Carrot and Hummus is a classic combination, the crunch of the carrots combined with the smoothy, creamy hummus is sure to satisfy. You can load up on the carrots to keep this low calorie but super filling keeping you satisfied until it’s time for your next meal.

Hard boiled eggs

Hard boiled eggs are super quick and easy snack, make up a few in advance so you always have something healthy ready for when those cravings come along. Eggs are packed with protein and rich in nutrients so they are filling and healthy meaning they can be enjoyed guilt free.


Another crunchy snack, edamame doesn’t need any preperation and you can even add a little sprinkle of sea salt for some extra flavour.

These are just a few of our favourites to get started, let us know your favourites in the comments below and we’ll keep updating this list with all your favourites.

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